XYZ FT Cimod APK FF Latest Version v1.1 Free Download

Free Fire has become one of the most popular battle royale games nowadays. Million people all around the world play this game. To enhance your gaming skills we provide you with this third-party App XYZ FT Cimod Apk for your free free game. Which offers various features to improve your gameplay experience and unlock all additional functionalities in your games.

This App is designed for specially free games it gives you a large variety of modified features to enhance your gaming experience and you will become a great gaming master of the free fire world.

What Is XYZ FT Cimod APK?

XYZ FT Cimod APK offers a large number of options for players to explore. You can unlock all premium features to improve your game performance and optimize the game interface. These features can upgrade your free fire experience. You will get a vast collection of premium skins, Weapons, Characters, and vehicles. Also, you will get Aim Bot and auto headshot which automatically locks onto enemies. In Auto Headshot you will get precise shots which provide you a competitive advantage. You will get unlimited diamonds and coins which can be used to purchase game items and upgrades without paying.

No recoil in weapons enables this feature to keep more suitable control and accuracy during extreme free fights. Guyz you can enjoy a wide range of customization options in this XYZ FT Cimod APK like personal crosshairs. Hud modifications, customize graphic settings to fit your choice.

Features Of Xyz FT Cimod APK:

XYZ FT Cimod APK offers a wide range of advantageous premium features that unlock all these premium features and improve your ambition and exactness which can enhance your gameplay and overall experience. This application saves you money by providing you diamonds and coins which you spend for real paid apps so that you people can access premium features but here you will get all premium features absolutely free.

XYZ FT Cimod APK has similar qualities If you want that type of similar app for your free fire, then visit our website and we will provide you a link to such a great app here XYZ Modz. Try it and get an amazing gaming experience.

Some of the notable benefits include:

Combo Hero Basic Attack Trigger

  • Auto Combo Kagura
  • Auto Combo Budang
  • Auto Combo Gusion
  • Auto Combo Gusion V2

Contact Developer

  • Harith 2nd + Basic
  • Auto Ulti Martis with low health
  • Auto Ulti Pharsa
  • Alternate first + Basic Kimmy

Show Menu

  • Maphack Icon
  • Show Blood Enemy
  • Map Hack Buff
  • Show Player Body
  • New Map
  • Show Bar Info
  • Show Room Info
  • Show Icon Hero
  • Show Hero Icon 360 degree

Ling Take Sword

  • Manual Take sword
  • Auto Take Sword

Auto Retri Trigger

  • Red Buff Trigger
  • Blue Buff Trigger
  • Turtle Trigger
  • Lord Trigger

Esp Player

  • Line
  • Box
  • Player Name
  • Distance
  • Hero Name
  • Health
  • Alert
  • Visible
  • Esp Cool Down Skill
  • Esp Cool Down Spell
  • Esp Minion
  • Box Minion

Esp Monster

  • Monster Box
  • Monster Health
  • Monster Name
  • Monster Alerts


  • Drone View
  • Drone Horizontal
  • Drone Vertical

Menu Unlock

  • Unlock All Skin
  • Unlock All Emblem

Menu AimBot

  • Target Lock Low Blood
  • Fov Range
  • Aim to Predict
  • Auto Aim All Skill
  • Auto Aim Skill 1
  • Auto Aim Skill 2
  • Auto Aim Skill 3
  • Auto Aim Flame Shot
  • Combo Skill 1+2
  • Combo Skill 1+3
  • Combo Skill 2+3
  • Beatrix ATK + Ulti

Menu Fps Mode

  • 30 Fps
  • 60 Fps
  • 90 Fps
  • 120 Fps

Menu Settings

  • Set cd Size
  • Set CD skill Position
  • Set cd spell Position

Menu Auto Skill

  • Target Hp
  • Fov Range
  • Lok Target
  • Kalomang
  • Auto Ultimate
  • Auto Retribution


If you want to unique touch in your gameplay experience and can experiment with different tools and tricks then download XYZ FT Cimod APK on your Androids and enjoy an interesting gaming experience. Yes, this App is compatible with all Android devices, and we will give it to you free of cost.

No need to log in or a registration system password and keys are required to open the game. Simply click the download button install it on your Androids and start playing.

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