TOD Modz APK Mlbb Latest Version V4.0 Free Download For Android

Are you an MLBB enthusiast, do you like to fight? One such tool that has gained popularity is the TOD Modz, used by players who want to quickly gain an advantage over the enemy and use various resources to enhance the gameplay experience. Skins not only improve your visual appeal but additionally, abilities and effects make a player a better player.

With TOD Modz APK players can customize heroes with various outfits, Guns, Weapons, and many other items and opponents. It also proffers Map transformation which changes the appearance and structure of MLBB Maps these features Add newness to the gaming experience and keep players confronted.

What Is TOD Modz APK?

TOD Modz APK is an application designed to provide Free Fire MLBB players with different features and modifications to enhance their all-over gaming experience. It offers a wide range of enhancements like unlocking all skins, and characters, customizing different maps, and optimizing game settings. You can get premium content without spending a single penny.

The app ensures smooth gameplay for users with already in-game devices with low features. You can customize the graphics according to your preferences, control the game, and adjust your performance. Can improve.

Features OF Tod Modz APK:

Tod Modz offers many useful features that cater to the needs and preferences of MLBB players. It is inspired by Dimentod Modz. The same features of both of them make them very popular. This Mod is designed here are some north-worthy features that are given.

Menu Hacks

  • Show Hp bar
  • Show room info
  • Show Map hack icon
  • how to unlock all Skin
  • Show unlock a max emblem
  • Rank Booster Auto enemy Bot

Setting Drone View

  • Drone View 2x
  • Drone View 4x

Menu Auto Retribution

  • Auto Retribution Buff
  • Auto Retribution Turtle
  • Auto Retribution Lord
  • Auto Retribution Crab
  • Auto Retribution Litho

Menu Combo Basic Attack

  • Auto Combo Gusion
  • Auto Combo Paquito
  • Auto Combo Benedetta
  • Auto Combo Lunox Dark Mode
  • Combo Lunox Light Mod

Setting Combo And Ultimate

  • Target Hp enemy
  • Target Distance enemy

Auto Spel

  • Auto Excuted
  • Fame shot
  • Vengeance
  • Flicker
  • Aegis

Combo Premium

  • Auto Combo Saber
  • Auto Combo Chou
  • Ato tap take sword ling
  • Manual tap-take sword ling
  • Manual Tap pharsa

Menu Esp v1

  • Line
  • Box
  • Health
  • Name

Menu Esp v2

  • Distance
  • Hero
  • Alert
  • Visible check

Other Menu V2

  • Damage up + 15
  • Cool Down Up + 15
  • Defend Up + 15
  • Attack Speed up + 5


  • Menu Fps
  • Esp Player
  • Esp Monster
  • Setting Esp Color
  • Damage up plus defends
  • Menu Ato Aim all Hero
  • Menu Combo Flicker
  • Menu Combo Skill 1
  • Menu Combo Skill 2



How To Download TOD Modz On Your Android?

Follow these steps to download TOD Modz on your Androids

Allow Unknown Resources

Guys as you know before downloading any app on your Android you have to go to the settings of your mobile and turn on the option of unknown resources otherwise you will not be able to download any app on your Android then go to mobile settings and allow download the app.

Download And Install The APK File

Now click the download button and wait a few minutes to complete the downloading process to enable you to have suitable internet. Install it now and open the App. Put the key that we have provided you in our content and then open the App and start unlocking all features and get a fantastic gameplay experience.


TOD Modz is safe to use and easy to play. It is compatible with all Android devices. It does not contain any malware or viruses. There are several applications in Google for enhancing the MLBB Gampay experience but this Game Mod Application offers a huge range of modified features, Skins, and Maps and gives you exciting possibilities for customization and optimization. Download it now and get an enjoyable gaming journey.

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