Tembo Mod Mlbb APK Latest Version V4.16 Download Free

Tembo Mod APK is a newly updated application that has many amazing and different Features. Every person likes to play Games. It is a hobby of many people to play Games. Whether it is a practical Game or an online Game. When a person is bored with the daily routine and wants peace of mind, he engages himself in some interesting or funny activity.

Most people get busy with online activities to relieve their boredom, so the smartest people in this internet world have created a unique game to give you leisure. Which is refreshing and amazing. Free Fire You must have heard the name of it on Google, it is the most trending game. People love to play this game and new games are being developed daily.

The Mod used Free Fire Games are updated day by day and new Modz are also invented. It is very difficult to guess who is best and most useful for your Free Fire Game. But the Mod we have brought for you today is very unique and unforgettable. Tembo Mod is very interesting from the name itself and will be for your free fire Game.

What Is Tembo Mod APK?

If you guys are using the Free Fire game then the Tembo Mod Apk is the very best and most useful Mod for your Game, you will get features that will give you 100% results. We will give you this Tembo Mod App free of cost. This is also a battle royale Game with Battle Adventure. It is an Antiban Injector. It is Auto Head Shot Rank working Matchmaking fix Injector. You will get amazing extraordinary Features. Whoever uses you will become a great Free Fire player and groom your Gaming skills with the use of different tools and tricks.

Features Of Tembo Mod APK:

Features are present in every Mod, but they don’t work like that, but the Tembo Mod doesn’t have that at all. The features are working. If you want similar amazing and new Game Injectors for your Free Fire Game, then definitely check our website once. So that you can download and enjoy similar Injectors, here we have a similar injector link for you. Dimentod Mod APK. Download it on your Android and enjoy it.

Menu Esp

  • Esp Player Line
  • Esp Player box
  • Esp player Distance
  • Esp Player Circle
  • Show hero Name
  • Show Enemy Name
  • Show Enemy Circle
  • Show Enemy Health
  • Show Enemy Cool Down
  • Show Room Info
  • Show Info Name
  • Show Info Hero
  • Show Info Rank
  • Show Info Spell

Menu Unlock

  • Unlock All Skin
  • Esp Skin
  • Esp Name
  • Esp Health

Menu Hack

  • Show Icon Mini Map
  • Show Info Bar Hp
  • Show Rank Booster
  • Show Up Damage 35%
  • Show Enemy Laag

Menu Aim Bot

  • Auto Combo Chou
  • Auto Combo Gusiaon
  • Auto Sword Ling
  • Target Priority
  • Closest Distance
  • Aim Skill 1
  • Aim Skill 2
  • Aim Skill 3
  • Aim Skill 4

Menu Aim By Hero

  • Beatrix Sniper Ultimate
  • Beatrix Sniper Basic
  • Layla Ultimate
  • Layla Skill 1
  • Franco Hook
  • Salina Skill 2
  • Granger ultimate
  • Graanger Skill 1
  • Ceccillion
  • Gusion skill 1
  • Gusion Skill 2
  • Kimmy Ultimate
  • Moskov Ultimate
  • Xavier Ultimate
  • Guinevere Skill 2
  • vale skill 2
  • alpha Ultimate
  • Rafaela Ultimate

Menu Camera

  • Drone Horizontal
  • Drone Vertical

Menu Setting

  • Framerate Setting
  • Cool Down Text Size
  • Cool Down Position

At Last Word:

So guys go and Download and install Tembo Mod APK on your smart Android Mobile Phones without any paying login key or password required to open the Game. Very simple and easy to use. It has no Ads to show during the game. you will still play the game without any disturbance.

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