Tech Box APK Injector V71 Ob43 Download Free

There are thousands and unlimited websites that can offer you different types of Games and Injectors. These injectors have many different features. We provide Tech Box Injectors for all free-fire Game users. This is the best VIP injector to enhance your gaming skills, for almost every person with no age limits. you can play the game in your leisure time. You will get various features for all free-fire games for your Android phones no need Pc, Laptops, LEDs, or iPads.

What is Tech Box?

Tech Box APK has many amazing features for Garena free-fire games. It is a battle royal game that also provides battle adventure. You will inject these amazing features into the game for your game fast and enjoy these features.

It is a very simple tool and has a lot of unique requirements for Android smartphones. In this game, you will use amazing techniques and tricks you will use the aim bot menu you have Auto headshots, and will get a splendid ESP skin, VIP skin, Aim scop, ESP names, and many other features. Without investing money or any log-in system.


Many features are included in the application Tech Box app. Inject these features into your games play the game with delectation and spend a wonder full time. Go and visit Fakecez Modz Injector to get the same premium features.

Esp Menu

Extrasensory perception menus are available for you these are Esp name, Esp size, Aim bot (head fix), Aim bot (long heads), and many more perceptions and skins are available.

Anti Banned

Tech Box is a very secure and safe injector so you can use this injector without any fear.


Available Gloo wall location, Medkit location, Mp 40 location, FF token location, and all loot location. location of the first aid kit.

Menu Vip

In VIP menus you have a VIP white dress, underwater car, Run in water, No parachute, and multiple techniques and tricks.


Pro skins are available and Render paid skins aviator, background, costumes characters free of cost.

Invisible walls

Invisible Gloo walls, invisible gadgets, shields, guns, and invisible skins for players.


The winning player gets coins, diamonds, and Unique gadgets paying these coins you get more bullets and gadgets and also different guns.

No password

The best feature is that the injector requires no password to open the game. Without any password, you must open it and play the game.

No backup

No backups are available if you fix the features at one time you can use these features every time you want to play the game with no need for a recoil system.

No Privacies

Simply Download and install it on your Android phones no need to open the password or subscription method no need to register the system.No need to pay. It is easy to use.

Ads free

No ads are available to distract your game or spoil your mood. Noads are here to play again and again free from this unnecessary advertisement.

Last Words:

You can see the download green button at the top of our side. Press it and download and install Tech Box v71 on your Android smartphone. Now open it inject the cheat features and play the game constantly without any settings.

Thousand of people download this Tech Box game on their Android phones if you want to love the free fire game this is the best game App we provide you for enjoyment. You will become a great fighter and warrior and grow your game skills. For these types of injectors, you can also visit this site our site has a lot of marvelous game injectors or features. Use these injectors in your free-fire games and enjoy.

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