SANTA Injector ML APK Latest Version V2.0 Download Free

The SANTA Injector APK we have brought for your free fire is extraordinarily great and has excellent features. It is the ff max headshot injector. You can easily inject your free fire. This is an antiban new injector VIP for your free fire.

If you have been playing Free Fire games, you will know that different mods and injectors are used to add features to it, and you will find many such injectors on Google search, but you have to guess them. It is difficult to determine which injector will be the best and 100% working for your free fire. Let us tell you that to solve your problem we prepare excellent content for you related to this application. Let us tell you what features are there and why you should download it.

What Is SANTA Injector?

Santa Injector is an application tool specially developed for Garena Royale Battle Games. The Mlbb features inside it is going to be perfect for your Free-Fire Game. You can boost your Game by using it. You will get guns weapons, pistols, big weapons, gadgets, emotes Esp clothes, Free Diamonds, Coins, Rewards, Free Rewards, Free toons, and many other free advantages to boost your game and you will become a great fighter man.

In SANTA Injector You have injected in your heroes’ Mod Skins and esp Skins, Gun Skins for damage up skins and rating and upgrade your Game.

Features Of SANTA Injector:

There are various impressive elements in the SANTA Injector to improve your gaming skills we provide you with this type of similar Injector which is the Spider Injector. Both are the Injectors we provide you here is an Antiban Injector.


Bypass is not present in every game technique and is the best way to stop any unintended actions from any game enemy. One type of bypass is to cheat i.e. cheat your competitor by using a bypass. This Bypass Injector provides unlimited advantages to your hero that are not already available in the game. In this Mod Injector, you will get all the advantages that bypass mods can provide to your hero.


Within Aimbot, you can automatically unlock for your player as needed, such Weapons, Guns, and Gadgets, will be automatically unlocked as needed. Aimbot automatically detects the player’s location and automatically targets the enemy. The player’s speed Health adjusts everything

Aim lock

When you use the Aimlock feature for your player, it becomes easier for you to reach your enemy, you can follow the enemy easily, you can fix the crosshairs and the system will automatically maintain and your game will be fast and easy. So that the game does not take much time to increase the level of the Game.

Less Recoil

Most low-recoil games don’t have less recoil due to which you have to face a lot of difficulties while firing, but this Injector provides you with advantages like less recoil and gives you a lot of chances to win the game. The gun pushes back, which can knock you out of the game, but here you will be provided with weapons that have very little advantage to damage your player.

Auto Head Shot

Auto headshot is the best automatic opponent that can be used in any video game. When you use any gun to shoot the enemy, an auto headshot automatically detects the position of the enemy and binds such a target. So that the target is not missed and your time is not taken too much.

Hologram Body

The hologram in video games has a special feature, when you allow this hologram in the game, you are provided with a duplicate player like your player, and the duplicate is much more dangerous than the original, it contains such tools and tricks. which provides great tactical advantages for your game


Download this Amazing Newly updated SANTA Injector on your Android devices without paying a single penny. It is so simple to use.No privacy policies and a Login system password no or keys are required to open the Game. Just click Download and Install it on your Smart Android Phone and play constantly without any playing Ads.

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