RUI Premium Phantom APK Latest Version v45.9.1 Download Free

Hello, guys today we bring you an awesome Battle Royale Game which is an Android App.RUI Premium APK.Yes, it Frees a Fire Shooting Game where players compete against each other. Through Guns and Weapons. Tell you Let’s say that the Games Garena will be invented, which you will find on different websites, but our website will provide you with legal and secure Apps.

Such games involve you with multiple players and use different features to reach your goal. Such Free Fire Games are for the entertainment and social purpose of our people. It will create a fresh environment for you. Different methods are used to play such games as physical and electronic things. Such Games solve your critical thinking skill problems and groom your gaming abilities

What Is RUI Premium APK?

RUI Premium is a Game Injector that is for all Garena Free Fire Games. The purpose of creating such injectors is simply to improve entertainment and gaming skills even more. The creator has built numerous different types of features in it which will be very useful for your Free Fire Game.

In it, you will find features like weapons and Mlbb ff skins, drone view, emblems, lobbies matchmaking, and an antiblack list. Yes, APK Application Rui Premium is the best Game for your Android. And yes we are giving you free of cost. Yes, APK Application Rui Premium is the best Game for your Android. And yes we are giving it free of cost for you. Without any lengthy process or any privacy hassle

Features Of RUI Premium APK:

It is necessary to have a few things inside any APK application. That is, the content inside the Free Fire application should be unique and the features inside it are working and endless.

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Auto Aimbot Menu

  • Auto Aim Skill 1
  • Auto Aim Skill 2
  • Auto Aim Skill 3
  • Auto Aim Skill 4
  • Basic Attack
  • Spell
  • Priority
  • Default
  • Lowest HP
  • Range Auto Aim

Selected Heroes Combo Stable

  • Ling
  • Gusion
  • Selena
  • Yin
  • Wan Wan
  • Balmond
  • Chou
  • Fanny
  • Franco
  • Beatrix
  • Atlas

Menu Skin

  • Visual Skin and Helper
  • Inject Visual Skin
  • Inject full Effects Avatar
  • Unlock All Skin New
  • Unlock All Avator New
  • Accurate Auto Retribution

Esp Menu

  • Line
  • Box
  • Circle
  • Health
  • Distance Hero
  • Cool Down

Optional Monster

  • Monster Full Box
  • Monster Health
  • Monster Name

Monster Alert

  • Full v1
  • Simple 2
  • Lord
  • Turtle

Player Alert

  • Mini Map
  • Visibility
  • Health Bar
  • 360 Degree Alert

Camera View

  • Horizontal Drone View


  • Esp Color
  • Line Size

At Last Words:

Download and Install this amazing and daring RUI Premium APK application without paying any money. It works on all devices. It has no password or keys to open the Game Very simple and easy to use and to play again and again during the Game. It is safe to play.

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