Phyx Mod APK Premium Latest Version v2.3 Free Download

In Phyx Mod APK, you will be given time-limited events to stay engaged with the players and keep playing with interest. Our website will continue to offer you such game modes and we are giving you all these Mods completely free, but if you want premium features. So you can buy paid applications. But we are also giving you premium features for free. So download and enjoy without wasting time.

Free Fire is a royal battle Game invented by Garena. It is a shooter Game. Its characteristic is that it has a special variety of Weapons, Guns, Vehicles, and many accessories. That is needed to survive any game. Free Fire is a popular game, especially in Western Countries and South Asian Countries. Asia and America Free Fire have made their mark. Free and available for any Free Fire users. Most of the competitive scenes are done in this game. Different types of tournaments are organized to complete these tournaments and keep entertaining.

What Is Phyx Mod?

In Phyx Mod APK this Game, you can choose your character i.e. the player hero according to your wish and can choose a variety of features for them. To fill the strength of your hero by injecting different abilities into them to make your player a good game shooter. You can use different tools and tricks to quickly increase your game level. You will get different rewards and progress on completing each level.

Phyx Mod is a game Mod specially made for free-fire video games which give unfair advantages to your game hero. Such Modz is usually made for online video games. Where you compete with many players at once. Different features are added within these mods like aimbot, wallhacks, map hacks, drone view esp menu, and many more features are added. So that you can get unfair advantages for your players by using them.

Features Of Phyx Mod:

Phyx Mod APK is a Royale Battle Mobile Game mod with various features. It is a unique and exciting game experience. Players choose their favorite players for their game by using these features and injecting their favorite features into these players. The purpose of these features is to rank your game. You are provided with different types of weapons.

So that you can get advantages by using these weapons. A very Popular Feature in this Game Mod is the customization Technique for controlling the player’s play style and preference. Another similar Mod App link that we will provide you here is FFh4x Mod. This Mod has very specialized gaming Features.


Select Rank: Mythical Glory

  • Warrior
  • Elite
  • Master
  • Grand Master
  • Epic
  • Legend
  • Mythic

Show Menu

  • Unlock all Skin
  • Map Hack Icon
  • Show Info

Esp Menu

  • Esp Line
  • Esp Box
  • Esp Player Name
  • Esp Distance
  • Esp Hero Name
  • Esp Health
  • Esp Alert
  • Esp Visible


  • Drone View Camera
  • Drone Horizontal
  • Drone Vertical

Esp Monster

  • Monster Box
  • Monster Health
  • Monster Name
  • Monster Alerts

Fps Hack

Set Frame Rates:

  • Fps Counter
  • High Fps

Damage Up

  • Damage Psycal (+) 5%
  • Damage Magic (+) 5%
  • Defence Psycal (+) 10%
  • Defence Magic (+) 10%
  • Enemy Psycal (-) 15%
  • Enemy Magic (-) 15%


Overall Free Fire Phyx Mod APK is a unique character system application. You will get a variety of weapons and items to become a popular player. This is a regular update Mod with new content. This Mod keeps the game exciting and provides a free environment for the users. This game Mod is more enjoyable and engaging. This game Mod is designed in such a way that it is very easy to play. It is Free to play also those users who don’t spend their money.

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