Nuwen Modz APK ML Latest Version v1.8.6 Free Download For Android

We welcome you to our comprehensive guide, we bring you a tool with unlimited features that will enhance your free-fire gaming experience. The developer has added interesting features it which is beneficial for your free-fire game and unique. If you are a daily player of the Up Free Fire game and ever wanted a banned mod for your game, then Nuwen Modz is the best platform to enhance your gaming skills and take your game level to the next level. Will help you get going.

What Id Nuwen Modz APK?

Nuwen Modz APK Ml is a powerful application and it is designed for free-fire players. Who loves to play free-fire battle Games and wants to try something new? That’s why we provide y newly updated Modz that is Nuwen Modz APK it provides you with a wide range of features that can enormously improve your gaming performance and give you a competitive edge with this Modz you can unlock various in-game resources, access exclusive skins, and characters and enjoy other valuable benefits that will take your gameplay to the successive rank.

You will get an Aimbot and headshot which improves your shooting accuracy. It provides you with an auto headshot function that automatically locks on your enemies. Say goodbye to recoil and spread because Nuwen Modz APK Ml removes those barriers that give you control of your weapons. Each hit will hit his brand by maximizing your damage production.

Features OF Nuwen Modz APK Ml:

Nuwen Modz APK offers a wide selection of premium skins, weapons, characters, and costumes for your players. In addition, you will get unlimited diamonds and coins permitting you to purchase items, upgrades, and weapons, and you customize your avatar without any investment and limitations.

Nuwen Modz APK Ml is an Antiban system that keeps your account secure and undetectable via the game’s anti-swindle mechanism. We provide you with other similar Modz and APKs available on our websites one of the Mod which gives Kres Modz APK. You have unlimited crooks and tricks for your free-fire games.

Certain extra features include.

Aim Menu

Skill Menu:

  • Basic Skill
  • First SKill
  • Second Skill
  • Third Skill
  • Fourth Skill

Target Menu

  • Nearest Enemy
  • Lowest Health
  • Lowest Percentage
  • Range Priority

Vip Menu

Hero Menu

  • Manual Take Sword
  • Auto Take Sword 1 Tap
  • Auto TAke Sword No Tap
  • Auto Execute
  • Auto Flame Shot

ESp Player

Esp 1

  • Show Line v1
  • Show Box V2
  • Show Box V3
  • Show Circle V1
  • Show Circle V2
  • Show Skeleton

Esp 2

  • Show Name
  • Show Hero
  • Show Health
  • Show Distance
  • Bubble Alert
  • Visible Checker

Esp Monster

Esm 1

  • Show Line
  • Show box
  • Show Circle
  • Show Skeleton


  • Circle Filled
  • Show Health
  • Message Alert

Retri Menu

  • Buff Menu
  • Get Buff
  • Get Lord
  • Get Crab
  • Get Litho

Drone Menu

  • Horizontal View
  • Vertical view

Extra Menu:

  • Show Icon
  • Show Health

Combo Menu

Trigger Option Combo 1:

  • Gussion (2,1,3,2,1,2,1)
  • Lapu Lapu (1,2,3,1,3,2)
  • Eudora (2,3,1)
  • Saber V1 (1,2,3)
  • Saber V2 (1,3+execute)
  • Karina (3,1,2,1,2)
  • Xavier V1 (2,1,3)

Combo 2:

  • Hayabusa (1’3)
  • Julian V1 (1’3’2)
  • Julian V2 (3’2’1)
  • Julian V3 (3’2’1)
  • Kadita V1 (1’2’3)
  • Kadita V2 (2’1’3)
  • Xavier V2 (2’1)

Combo Menu

Trigger Option (Ultimate 1)

  • Auto Ultimate Granger (No Tap)
  • Auto Ultimate Layla (No Tap)
  • Auto Ultimate Xavier (No Tap)
  • Auto Ultimate Moskow (No Tap)

Ultimate 2:

  • Auto Ultimate Martis (No Tap)
  • Auto Ultimate Lancelot (No Tap)
  • Auto Ultimate BAlmond (No Tap)

Room Menu

  • Information Menu
  • Battle state
  • Room Info


Nuwen Modz APK Ml changes the game for free-fire lovers by offering a range of features and advantages that can transform your gaming experience. By unlocking premium skins, unlimited diamonds, and coins and using advanced features such as aimbot and recoilless. You will have the upper hand in fights and show your skills in styles. Download it now and experience a unique royal battle experience.

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