Lavanda Nights APK Latest Version v1.0 Free For Android

Hello guys, have you heard the name of gacha, if you have, you must know about gacha life, if you don’t know, then we will tell you what gacha life is, and we bring you Lavanda Nights APK which is compatible with life itself. Gacha Life is an app created by a man named Lunime. It is a tool that you can use to create different animes. You can create your animes completely free of cost.

This Lavanda Nights APK app provides you with items that you can use to easily create countless animes like face shapes, hairstyles, eye expressions, skin colors, clothes, and various types of tools.

What Is Lavanda Nights APK?

When you create your anime, you can also interact with other characters, that is, you can make friends with this app and create stories with them. You can use this lavender app as an editing app like the IbispaintX app which offers you different items to create a picture so let’s create your animes with these tools and impress your social media friends and enjoy doing it.

Features Of Lavanda Nights APK:

Talking about the features, the features are perfect and wonderful, let’s discuss these features in detail.

A lot Of New Clothes

Many things are used to make animes, but the most important thing is the appearance of animes. The beauty of the appearance comes from clothes. In it, you will find many clothes in different styles and designs so that you can use your favorite clothes for your anime characters.

New Hairs

You can use it to make your anime characters more attractive with different hair with different colors and styles.

New Eyes Mouth Etc

Suppose you want to give a real look to your characters and want to make your animes. In that case, you have to focus more on their eyes, mouth, facial expression, etc., so you will be provided with many different facial looks by using them to make your anime completely. It can give a real look.

Many New Accessories

In addition, you will be provided with many things that you can use to make your animes, apart from clothes and gadgets for physical appearance, you will get shoes, new tail hands, a lot of backgrounds, and many other accessories for free.


So download Lavanda Nights APK now and start creating your animes and also create stories and customize characters of your choice. You can create so many animes at one time it has no limit.

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