King Imran Injector APK (Latest Version) v12.1 Free Download

If you want more exciting features in the free fire games and want more unique features. Go and download the King Imran Injector to unlock the premium features of free-fire games. These features make your games very interesting and make adventurer type. Also, this is a shooter type of game for Android and Smartphones where you have exciting and courageous characters for you to play the game get fun, and have a lot of enjoyment. One player can play different and at one time one player plays different roles and maintains all modes of games and challenges. Also, in his game, you have to make a team play teamwork and face difficult challenges.

King Imran injector is newly updated and has many features for smartphones and PC Laptops. Without any doubt in this game, players can play uninhibited and this game has unique tricks available and create a pleasant environment for you.

What Is King Imran Injector?

The King Imran injector is the best quality game and app that provides you with the best easy and interesting features. You also inject these features in your free fire cheat hack games and enjoy your game. This is a very secure injector apply and inject your free-fire games. King Imran Injector will also be available for all types of guns, skin, clothes, root jackets, and Invisibles gadgets.

Main Features Of King Imran Injector:

You get more unique features in this Injector you can inject any feature of King Imran Injectoras your choice and make your game very interesting and different. Our website also provides the same injector FFH4X Injector go and visit this injector.

Auto Headshot

In this feature, the player shoots automatically at the enemy of another player, and getting the game is easier for the player.

Auto Firing

This feature allows you to get a gun automatically uploaded to be ready for the shot.

Auto Draw Back

When your shot is missed or mistakenly fired in another place or the bullet is wasted and the enemy kills you then the game automatically Draw Back.

Aim Bot

Every game has the main thing to focus on. You focus all the on this thing to achieve the goal or win the game. This feature allows you to focus your goal probably and target the main aim.

Gun Location

The gun is the main thing in all free-fire games this feature provides you with the best quality gun with the best bullet system for shots.

Coin location

If you win the game or are well-played this feature gives you to coin for purchase the different or best quality guns, weapons, or bullets.

Esp Menu

This menu gives a lot of different systems and this menu system controls all types of characters.


This feature allows different adventures or locations for you to play the game and enjoy every adventure.

New Characters

This feature allows you to add different characters and make your game very exciting and interesting.

Esp Crosshair

You can change your body parts or body parts gadgets or clothes.

Gloowall Esp

It is a very useful tool for playing games you will use different types of walls and themes.

Simple To Use

King Imran Injector is very simple and easy to use no difficult menus or control systems. Also, the features are very simple.

Free Of Cost

Without paying you should download this injector. It is free of cost for all and does not have any policies or a subscription system.


Without any wastage of time download and install King Imran Injector on your Android or Smartphones play the game and enjoy. It is a very realistic free-fire game with unique features. Thousands of people also download this game and inject the elements as well in their free-fire games.

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