Jalal Army APK Injector v15 (Latest Version) Download Free

A top-rated app that is newly organized for free-fire gamers. Jalal Army is an injector that has many features which are free of cost. This is also a battle royal game that loves to play the free fire games. It is a straightforward game for all users for free download. It has many splendid tools and tricks and more daring challenges are available which are very interesting and exciting.

For beginners, this is the best platform to improve their gaming skills. You can use this game on your Android phones without needing a PC, Laptop, or any big screen. So download, install, and enjoy this amazing game with its amazing features

What Is The Jalal Army APK?

Jalal Army APK is not an Army force of Pakistan. It is just a simple type of Game and Injector which has many daring features. An Army officer can beat the enemy using their guns, weapons, gadgets, bullets, pistols, and many other tools to kill the enemy in this game a player can kill the enemy use with different features free of cost. It is a very secure application to use no ban system or harmless features are available.

Features Of Jalal Army APK:

Endless features are available Premium features are Aim Bot, Headshot, ESps, Auto Aim fires, bAttles Via aimbots, Aim locks, Drone view, skin, and costumes are mostly available and the new features are as below. This Jalal Army app has regularly updated and added features with different tools and tricks. Also, Relate to Gringo XP Injector must visit it.

Free Of Cost

Without paying you can use this amazing application. It is free to download and has no charges for a subscription.

Esp Menu

Jalal Army is a very heavy App with an ESP menu In this ESP menu there are Esps Auto Headshots, Medical Kits, Cross Hair ESp, Knock Esp, and many others.


Free fly cheat hacks and wall hacks are free to utilize these hacks.


Loot Locations, Gloo Locations, Mp40 Locations, Medkit Locations, and Esps Locations are available to find the enemy’s location on the Map.


No ban system is available all the time no harmful effects and zero damage in battle.

No passcodes

There are no privacy policies or subscription methods to open this game completely free app.


Free guns, rifles, shotguns, AK47s, Scar, and Sniper rifles are available, and you get different gadgets to save your life from the enemy.

Drone View

For Chasing the enemy we can use this feature drone Camera to view the enemy’s location for killing.

Jump And Speed

Unlock all the speeds for using vehicles and heroes to chase the enemy and get a jump to 100 meters long and high. Also running in water is very exciting.

No Ads

No ads to show to disturb you, you will be enjoying the game without playing any ads.


Free Bugs are available, OBB files are required, All Render Modz, Unlock FF skins, Antenna Head, Headshot tools,


In the Jalal Army Apk v1.92 free-fire game, You have unexpected features available that you can never see these types of features in any Injector. You have fictional characters available and also adventurous maps are available, Esp names are available for your players, diamonds, and coins are available, and also unlimited health service offers for first aid.

You will get a high amount of matches that have levels and rounds. If you win the round you will get the diamond and coin. Spend these diamonds to buy the bullets weapons and gadgets for your player to get more chances to kill the enemy.

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