FB Auto Liker APK 2024 (1k+ Likes) New Released

If you want a lot of likes on your Facebook post, which is also completely free, then you must download this FB Auto Liker, get a lot of likes, and show yourself in the world of Facebook. The app is specially made for Facebook users. It automatically engages people on your posts. It gives people access to your account so that they can reach your post through this access.

If you have a Facebook account and a Facebook page, people will use this app not only for entertainment but also for earning employment. If you use it, you will also know that you have to invest money to boost the page. If you upload videos or publish articles, but you cannot monetize your page because of a lack of likes and views, then let’s do it. Increase page likes automatically through this FB Auto Liker app and boosts your page.

What Is FB Auto Liker?

In this era of social media, people keep themselves busy through social apps. Among these apps, one very popular app is Facebook app. You will know that it is not only a source of entertainment but also an excellent platform for earning money.

It is the only time-saving tool that eliminates the need for your manual engagement by filling likes and showing your post to the world of Facebook so that many people see and like your post. provides views and maintains a constant presence so don’t forget to download this app and ensure a constant flow of likes.

Features Of FB Auto Liker APK:

Like some Auto Liker apps, this app is also top-rated among users because of its effective features, examples of which are Tiktok Auto liker, Instagram liker, and similar apps you will find free on our website, and let’s expand this app. Let’s review the features in detail.

Automated Likes

This app gives you an automated process to increase your likes on your Facebook post It also saves you effort and time.


You can customize easily and this app fulfills the criteria for liking posts. With this app, you can customize the quality of your post as per user preference.

Scheduled Likes

This app also offers notions to the users at scheduled likes as specific times for tragic engagement.

Proxy Support

The best thing is that the app enhances your privacy and security it supports proxy usage.

Multi-Account Support

Through this app, you can manage several accounts of Facebook Through this one tool you can run multiple Facebook accounts and get likes on multiple accounts simultaneously.

Anyban Protection

This FB Auto Liker APP is antiban and gives your Antiban protection features for your Facebook accounts.


It is computable with various devices with broad accessibility.

Regular Updated

The Developer of the FB Auto Liker APP is updated regularly by adding different features, safely maintaining your Facebook account, and addressing security concerns.


This is a convenient solution for enhancing your Facebook account and engaging more people in your post without any risk and illegal consideration.

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