Erka Mod APK Latest Version v2.4 Free Download

Erka Mod APK is a modifying App tool for Free Fire Garena Games with many marvelous capabilities. It guides you to the best instructions for your Free Fire games on how to rank your game. Everyone knows about APK games, they are an Android package kit. This format is made for Android, Games are installed on mobiles in this format. We provide you with free fire games which are Nowadays, Google has on high rating, and there is a lot of trend for free fire. The mods and injectors we are providing you are called third-party modified apps, which you can download by turning on the option of unknown resources on your mobile phone.

One thing must be kept in mind downloading some unknown third-party apps can damage your mobile data. There should be no harm and no danger to your device. Our website provides such trusted apps for you. Our apps do not contain any viruses. They are 100% safe and secure for your device. We are no paid apps. They are not giving, but they are giving free VIP game modes and injectors for you. You can download them for free on your Mobile, iPad, and Tablet.

What Is Erka Mod APK?

What we have brought for you is Erka Mod which is a great free fire mod which is Mod made for royale battle games. Different opponents are arranged in it. These opponents include map hacks, location, emotes, weapons, Skins for heroes, gadgets, and clothes that have been designed in a new way. All you free-fire users can inject these opponents into your free-fire max games to get the best results.

Erka Mod provides you with different challenges. You can face these challenges by using the opponents discussed above. So that you can reach the next level and thus continue to complete these challenges and eliminate the enemy. Keep creating and keep playing and enjoying the Game. In this Mod you will get large Maps Mostly you can play in Map of Urban Areas Forest, Jungle rivers, and seas.

Features Erka Mod APK:

Erka Mod is for Garena Free Fire Royale Battle Games with a lot of various opponents and features. These Features are so Enjoyable and unique. Erka Mod provides you with Battle Royale Gameplay features with multiple mods for the Free Fire Game. Also, it has many classic Battle Royale Modz these mods are amazing and have amazing features.

You will get ranked Mod Squad Mod and give you different other Mods. The other amazing VIP Mod we provide you here is the Echo Mod. It has many Various capabilities and includes many VIP opponents like Erka Mod.

Esp Menu

  • Esp Draw Line
  • Esp Draw Box
  • Esp Draw Health
  • Esp Draw Name
  • Esp Draw Name Hero
  • Esp Draw Cooldown
  • Esp Visible Cheak

Esp Jungle

  • Esp Monster Box
  • Esp Monster Health
  • Esp Monster Name
  • Esp Monster Alert


  • Drone View
  • Drone Horizontal
  • Drone Vertical

Auto Retribution

  • Blue Buff
  • Red Buff
  • Litho
  • Turtle Box
  • Lord

Other Spell

  • Auto Extruded
  • Auto Excuted
  • Auto Flame Shoot

Auto Tap

  • Auto Tap Balmond Ultimate
  • Auto Tap Martis Ultimate
  • Auto Tap Xavier Ultimate
  • Auto Tap Granger Ultimate

Show Info

  • Showenymy Icon Map (Map Hack)
  • Show Blod Enemy Health Bar
  • Show Info Room


Download this VIP Erka Mod and get the best and most exciting results without the hassle of Ads. Keep playing constantly and get special rewards. Use these rewards to complete your mission. The more rewards you get, the more rewards you will get. Keep getting avatars and badges. Behtareen is a platform for Free Fire people who want to enhance their Free Fire gaming skills.

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