DTP Modz Pro APK New Version v4.0 Download Free For Android

DTP Modz Pro’s Latest version is newly invented for Free Fire users with a high-quality interface. As we all know every day free fire games are designed or a new version of any Free Fire is updated. But we don’t know which Injector or Mod will be best for our Free-Fire Game. Are you tired of going around the sites, looking for the best free fire mod, now you don’t need to be told, that our website is active every moment and is free. Also, DTP Modz is a safe and secure antiban Injector.

What Is DTP Modz Pro?

DTP Modz is one of the best Mod Injectors for all Garena Free-Fire users. It has a royal battle adventure with a great beautiful interface. You have unlocked different types of FF Esp Skins, Guns, Weapons, Bullets, Diamonds, and Coins, and also You will find a warm environment, where you will feel that you are standing on a battlefield.

You will get all the content that is available in a free-fire game. Also, you have a Drone camera to view the Enemy and chase the enemy to kill. Multi Esp Gadgets for your Heroes, Emblem, and Info Room for collecting the data and absorbing all over the game. After checking the Info room we try to do our best. We tried to improve our skills and became great players in Garena Free Fire World.

Features of DTP Modz Pro:

There are marvelous features in DTP Modz Pro. You will get amazing features with MLbb Mod cheat. With these features, you have splendid tools and tricks for your Free Fire Game. To Unlock all these features you do have not to pay any charges or no rules or regulations.

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Menu FPS

Change Frame Rates

  • Fps 144
  • Fps 120
  • Fps 90
  • Fps 60
  • Fps 30

Menu Hack

  • Show Room Info
  • Show Enemy Icon Map
  • Show Enemy Bar Info
  • Unlock all Skin Fixed
  • Unlock Max Emblem

Menu Esp Player

  • Esp Player Line
  • Esp Player Box
  • Line Size:1
  • Esp Player Distance
  • Esp Player Name
  • Esp Player Health Bar
  • Esp Hero Name
  • 360 Hero Name
  • 360 Distance

Menu Auto Retribution

  • Auto Retribution (Lord)
  • Auto Retribution (Turtle)
  • Auto Retribution (Buff)

Menu Auto Aim

  • Basic Attack
  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
  • Skill 3
  • Skill 4
  • Spell
  • Take Sword (ling)

Target Priority :

  • Closest Distance
  • Lowest Hp
  • Lowest HP Percentage

Range FOV: 15

Menu Auto Skill New

  • Auto combo Chou (2-Flicker-Ulti)
  • Auto Combo Gusion (1-2)
  • Auto Combo Franco (Hook Flicker)
  • auto Combo Selena (1-2)
  • Auto Combo Martis (Flicker Ulti)
  • Auto Combo Badang (2-3)
  • Auto Combo Brody (2-3)
  • Auto Combo Mathilda (2-3)
  • Auto Combo Kadita (Flicker-Ulti)
  • Auto Combo Ruby (Ulti-Flicker)
  • Auto Combo Xavier (2-1)

Menu Camera Hack

  • Drone 2X
  • Drone 4X
  • Drone 6X
  • Drone Vertical
  • Drone Horizontal

Menu Bypass

  • Server Bypass
  • Block Report ID
  • Blocked Banned

Menu Damage

  • Damage Psycal (+) 5%
  • Damage Magic (+) 5%
  • Defence Psycal (+) 10%
  • Defence Magic (+) 10%
  • Enemy Psycal ( -) 15%
  • Enemy Magic (-) 15%

Menu Esp Setting

  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Aqua
  • Gray
  • Purple

Text Colour:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Aqua
  • Purple
  • Set Line and Box Size:1 To 10
  • Set Text Size: 1 To 20

At Last Words:

So this is a great opportunity for you, Don’t miss this opportunity, Download Decoder DTP Modz Pro to your mobile and get Countless benefits that you will not find in any other Injector or Mod. There is no need to enter passwords or keys before playing. Also, there are no advertisement Ads to play while playing the Game.

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