Dream Mod APK MLBB Latest Version v1.7.69 Download Free

Dream Mod APK is the best free fire mod in which features are made that are more amazing than you think. The MLBB features in it will be a perfect match for your free fire. It is a special type of mod for free-fire lovers. As you guys know playing games is an important part of our lives because playing games keeps our minds fresh and calm and people suffering from depression release their stress by playing online games makes you a social person.

The most important thing is that playing games develops the mind of a person and gives them the power to solve problems in life. One such online game that contains all these skills is very popular today. Yes, Garena free fire games are the most interesting and enjoyable part of the game. That’s why we have brought a free fire mode for you so that you can pass your time and keep enjoying so that you can be mentally active. But keep calm

What Is Dream Mod?

Dream Mod is a fighter Game Mod that is specially made for free-fire games. Because shooter video games are very popular nowadays. In this mode, you can use different characters with different styles and abilities to fight and have unique moves. We will see. Such fighting games play an important role in making the players an excellent competitor.

It creates curiosity in a free-fire player to perform well in the Games. And the tournaments and competitions offered within the games. likes and looking for more such games and mods for free-fire games for better performance. So today we end your search and present Dream Mod which is the best and most great MLBB features.

Features Of Dream Mod:

Different features are found in Free Fire games, as the platform and interface of any game should be very new and unique to make the player satisfied. Some rules and regulations are set in any game. How many minutes will the first level be, which features will be provided to you, which vehicles will you use, which gadgets will you use, which skins will you apply for your hero, and what different features that you use to play any game?

You can easily inject the below features of Dream Mod APK,s into any Free Fire game, you will not face any problems, nor is there any limit to using these Dream Mod APK features. Our website provides you with many such amazing games, we are sharing the link of one such best and most fantastic game Mod with you here PEJUANG Modz APK and if you are a true lover of free fire, then you must visit our website for such splendid Mods.

Esp Menu

Esp Health:Horizental

  • Off
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Esp Line
  • Esp Box
  • Esp Visibility
  • Esp Hero Name
  • Esp Enemy IGN
  • Esp Distance
  • Esp 360 Degree
  • Esp Jungle Alert
  • Esp Jungle Name


  • Show Icon MiniMap
  • Enemy Hp Bar
  • Drone

Auto Retribution

  • Trigger when Enemy is nearby
  • Enemy minimum range
  • Blue Buff
  • Red Buff
  • Lord
  • Turtle
  • Crab
  • Litho

Auto Aim Combo

  • Ling Auto Sword Auto Take
  • Ling Auto Sword Manual Take
  • Ling Speed Control
  • Gusion Combo
  • Gusion Skill Control
  • Paquito Combo

Auto Skill

  • Tigreal Flick Ulti+Combo
  • Chou Flick Ulti+Combo
  • Kimmy Auto Basic
  • Argus Auto Ult
  • Lesley Auto Knockback
  • Xavier Auto Ult 10% Hp
  • Layla Ult Auto

Auto Spell

  • Auto Execute
  • Auto Flameshot
  • Auto Flame shot Monster

Aim Menu

Aim Priority Low HP:

  • Off
  • Low Hp
  • Nearest Enemy

Range Target:

  • Basic Attack
  • Spell Aim
  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
  • Skill 3
  • Skill 4

Free Key



By playing games, you get rewards for passing the levels of any game. It provides rewards in the form of diamonds, cones, and extra VIP features in this game mode. Become a great player. Download it on your Android free of cost. After downloading you can use this free key.Which we have mentioned above in our content. Put on the key and start playing and enjoying.

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