CX File Explorer APK 2024 Free For Android

CX File Explorer APK is the most famous Explorer App for Android smartphones due to its reflexive interface. It has robust features. It can store your All different files in one place it is easy to manage files and categorize them in an easy way.

Due to the increasing need for storage and file management files, Explorer has become very amazing App for all users to store their files.CX File Explorer APK has many various aspects that are very use full for all users.

What Is CX File Explorer APK?

CX File Explorer APK is an Android Application tool for all types of users. Who wants to manage their files and folders? Also, guys, you can transfer your File Apps to other Devices or friends and people through their documents and create data by using their own way that suits them.

CX File Explorer APK is also used in media players that can give access to play audio and video files.

Features Of CX File Explorer APK:

Cx File Explorer APK has many innholders of features that make it very unique and popular among other File Explorer AppsThese some features are given below.

User-Friendly Interface

It has a simple and easy interface to navigate all the features also so simple and easy to use for all beginners you can quickly manage all of your files and folders and access the Features of the app without any nuisance.

Built In Meda Player

It has a Media player that can give access to built media files formats like MP, MP4, and WAV. This Media built player allows to play their favorite media player directly through this App. You don’t need to download or install a separate media player to play any video or audio reel.

Clout Storage Integration

Cloud storage service is available such as google drive Dropbox and one drive which allows users to manage their cloud file from the App.

APP Manager

CX File Explorer is an APK App manager that allows users to install, and uninstall all others Apps and manage all the settings of the Apps through this. This is for those users you can quickly remove or install unwanted files and save their time and manage your time.

Support Ftp And SMB

It Supports FTP and SMB. By using these tools people can transfer files and documents from their Phones and laptops to other networks.

Root Access

It required root access to all devices. That allows users to access transfer files and folders and manage their files in their own way. Usually, these are not possible by through this Cx File Explorer it is now possible to manage all documents. These features are especially for advanced users who want to customize their system settings.

Easy File Management

User can easily manage their files folders and documents and also transfer these files folders and documents from others and organize them to their own creativity.

How To Download And Install CX File Explorer APK?

You can download and install CX File Explorer in your Androids by following these simple steps.

  • Firstly go to your Android devices and allow unknown resources and then start downloading.
  • After downloading process complete Install it now.
  • Tap to open the game and start using the App to generate files and folders.
  • Use the App interface and navigate all of your Files folders and documents and place them on one specific file manager.
  • Organize your data in your own way and share it with other networks.


It is an Antiban File Application also easy to use. Millions of people can use this App to save time and manage their documentaries. It is a versatile and powerful APK APP with a user-friendly Interface.CX File Explorer APK is for all types of people who want to manage their files and folders in an appropriate and efficient.

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