Among Us Mod Menu APK 2024 Free Download

Among Us Mod Menu APK is a game which is a very awesome and unique type of game, you have not seen such games before. Because it is different from all games and a bit hit. We have brought you a very great multiplayer game. Yes, the game is going to be multiplayer and user friendly, because the game will not be a single-player, but there will be many players who will follow one player and play their role in the whole game.

In the Among Us Mod Menu at a time, 10 to 15 players who have participated will be open and will communicate with each other and will be sending messages to each other, and will continue to play the game until the game is won.

What Is Among Us Mod?

Among Us, Mod Menu APK is very unique gameplay. This is the first Gameplay In which you can open many users together, you can open with your friends with anyone you want to play with. The purpose of this game is to make people social. This game gives people a good platform. To make friends

There will be 10-15 players in this game, in which there will be a traitor, but no one will know. All players will find this traitor by bonding with each other and eliminating him. If you can’t find him and the traitor kills everyone first, then you will lose and you will be out of the game.

Features Of Among Us Mod:

There are so many amazing and Unique Features in Among Us Mod Menu with a great interface. These features are so amazing these have amazing tools and tricks. These tools and tricks work a lot.

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  • Show Hide Menu, Key Bind (Dell)
  • Show Hide Bind Console, Key Bind (Home)
  • Adjust by DPI
  • Player Name
  • Unlock all Steam Achievement

Game Settings

  • Medium Kill Distance
  • Always Taskbar Update
  • Set Colors (Random Color)
  • Console
  • Aum Chat None
  • Player Speed


  • Max Vision
  • Wall Hack
  • Freecam (None)
  • Zoom (None)
  • Always Show Chat Button
  • Read Mesegies by Ghost
  • Reavel Roles
  • Abbrv Roles
  • Reveal Votes
  • Reveal Anonymous Votes
  • See Ghost
  • See Protecbones
  • Unlock Vents
  • No Clip None
  • Move While In went


  • Show Rader
  • Show Ghost
  • Right Click to Teleport
  • Hide Rader During Meetings
  • Draw Player Icons
  • Lock Rader Position
  • Rader Color


  • Call Metings
  • Impersonate
  • Steal Name
  • Spectate
  • Teleport To

Fake Task

  • Swipe Card
  • Fix Winning
  • Submit Scan
  • Fuel Engines
  • Divert Power
  • Chart Course
  • Clear Astroids
  • Align Engine Output
  • Stabilize Steering


  • Sabotage Light
  • Sabotage Reader
  • Sabotage Oxygen
  • Sabotage Comms
  • Disable Light


  • Close All Doors
  • Close Room Doors
  • Pin All Doors
  • Unpin All Doors


  • Play Shield Animation
  • Play Weapon Animation
  • Play MedBay Scan Animation
  • Fake Cameras in Use


Download the Among Us Mod Menu on your Android to get something new and different. This game is so interesting and exciting. We will give you this mod free of cost. There are no Ads and Advertisements, no passwords, no login system, and no privacy policies. This is for all Android and IOS Mobile Phones.

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